Fastest Car In Every GTA Game, Ranked

In every GTA game, the Auto part is integral for the overall gameplay, not only do the vehicles give you freedom in every city of GTA, but it also plays a big role in creating an atmosphere that every Rockstar game provides. In this list, I picked out the fastest GTA car from every main GTA franchise game. By the logic, the most recent GTA game should have the fastest car available, right?

5) GTA IV & Episodes – Vapid Bullet GT

Top Speed: 101 mph (163 km/h)

Out of all GTA franchises, one of the most loved GTA games with a huge storyline and a lot of gameplay to go through is GTA IV. It is most likely easy to guess that GTA IV vehicles aren’t the fastest since the GTA 4 car physics aren’t the brightest feature of the game which also affects the speeds of the cars. That being said, Vapid GT Bullet takes the crown for the fastest car in GTA 4, sadly you can only find Bullet in GTA TBoGT.

4) GTA 5 Story Mode – Vapid Pißwasser Dominator

Top Speed: 126.50 mph (203.58 km/h)

GTA 5 is the most recent game of the GTA franchise that blew everyone’s expectations. The cars from GTA V are no exception either, Rockstar Games perfected the vehicle mechanics in GTA 5 and everyone loved it. As for the fastest car in GTA 5 Story Mode though, it is not a vehicle that you can simply find on the road, the custom Dominator is unlocked after completing the 3rd Stock Car Race and can be selected afterward inside the garage of each protagonist in the “Special Vehicles” menu.

3) GTA Online – BF Weevil Custom

Top Speed: 137.50 mph (221.28 km/h)

Even though GTA Online doesn’t have an Offline mode (duh) it is still a big part of the GTA community that is one of the most active even today. The main difference though is that GTA Online is updated regularly even to this day where new content and new GTA Online cars are added almost weekly. Interestingly, the BF Weevil Custom was added in late 2022 and can be purchased from Benny’s Original Motor Works for just under $1M.

2) GTA SA – Infernus

Top Speed: 138mph (222km/h)

The notorious title that is GTA SA doesn’t come shy when the talking point is the cars that GTA SA has produced. It was also the first GTA game that allowed players to tune their cars which also improved their performance. Talking about the car performance, the discussion for the fastest car in GTA SA includes cars such as Turismo, Bullet, and Infernus which have unique features that make the discussion spark, Turismo has great acceleration, and Bullet is faster but not as fast as Infernus which reigns supreme throughout all GTA 3D games.

1) GTA 3 & VC – Infernus

Top Speed: 149 mph (240 km/h)

Both GTA III and Vice City share nearly identical similarities when it comes to vehicles, especially handling and physics. Well, to prove the point the fastest car of both games is Infernus and it reaches the same high speed through both games. Infernus is crazy fast and it is a challenge to drive it unscratched to your next mission, it clears the GTA SA version of Infernus by 11 mph (18 km/h). That being said, Infernus takes the cake for being the fastest in GTA (even through multiple titles!).

Everyone who enjoys GTA games can guess from the hunch that Infernus is the fastest car not only overall but in a series of GTA games as well. Even though the crown stays firm with Infernus, GTA Online constant updates and the coming of GTA VI can challenge that top spot, therefore we all have our eyes peeled to see who can take the No. 1 spot of the fastest car through all GTA games.