How To Play GeoGuessr For Free

Since February of 2024, GeoGuessr has removed the ability to play GeoGuessr for free. From now on, only users who buy a PRO or higher subscription can play GeoGuessr without any limitations. Even though it seems that everything is under subscription, there is a way to play GeoGuessr completely for free. Here are the methods on how you can play the game without any cost.

Challenge links

The easiest and the most popular form of playing GeoGuessr for free is through challenge links. This method only requires you to find a generated challenge link. Unfortunately from now on, only subscribers can create challenge links but as long as you have the link, you can play that challenge for free. Content creator zi8gzag along with the GeoGuessr community has created a spreadsheet with challenge links that you can use to play GeoGuessr for free.

Friend with a subscription (Parties)

Parties are still a thing and currently, you only need one person with a subscription to create a party where everyone can join. This method isn’t completely free since there needs to be one user with the subscription, but if you have a friend whom you play regularly with, only one of you needs a subscription to play together.

Play Alongs (+ChatGuessr)

There are plenty of content creators who play GeoGuessr. On both YouTube and Twitch, you can find people who play GeoGuessr and join them. On YouTube, there are plenty of content creators who do Play Along videos and you can find the challenge link in the description and play the same map completely for free. There are also streamers on platforms like Twitch or Kick which you can join via a link or an extension called ChatGuessr which is free. There are tons of GeoGuessr material on the internet, with a little bit of digging you can find enough challenge links or active streams to play along for free.

Discord Communities

Use Discord to find people to play with. In communities like Plonk It, Official GeoGuessr Discord or even in GeoGuessr Pro Community you can find people to play along with. As mentioned above, only one user needs a subscription and if you manage to find a buddy, you can both personalize in what way you want to play GeoGuessr. Another free method that only takes a little effort.

GeoGuessr Mobile App

Did you know that GeoGuessr has an app? Thankfully game on the app allows free users to play 3 free games per day which is not bad and definitely can scratch your GeoGuessr itch for a day. Of course, playing GeoGuessr on mobile isn’t as comfortable as on PC but it is a legit way to keep on playing your favorite geo game without any cost.

Alternative websites

GeoGuessr isn’t the only platform where you can play Google Maps-based games online. There are alternatives like Geotastic or OpenGuessr that provide a similar experience for free. Sadly these websites are behind in terms of what GeoGuessr can offer but you can play the very basic version of the game which is better than nothing.


Overall, there are plenty of methods to play GeoGuessr for free with a little extra effort. Sadly those methods still limit you in terms of what you want to play since in most cases you depend on what other users play. Still, though, everyone can easily play GeoGuessr or its alternatives completely for free! And if you enjoy GeoGuessr, I strongly advise you to purchase a subscription where you can play without any limitations and support the developers of this great game.