Best Places To Buy Cheap Used PSPs

Sony PlayStation Portable is one of the best handheld consoles that was made in its time. Of course, the year is 2024 and everyone can brag about their Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck, considering that PSP was made in 2004, around the same time when incredible titles like GTA San Andreas and NFS Most Wanted were released, it is fair to say that PSP was ahead of its time, not only that it was an impressive piece of hardware but also the number of exclusive games it had.

Even to this day PSP is one of the more desired handheld consoles, sadly the manufacturing of PSP was discontinued in 2014 but in this article, I will show you some methods on how you can grab a near-perfect PSP console for an exceptionally cheap price.

FB Marketplace

This is the best option if you are considering second hand PSP near me options. Facebook Marketplace is becoming a popular place to sell and buy items, and PSP is no exception, therefore it is worth taking a look if there are any pre owned PSP up for sale, in my case, within my city radius PSPs are going from as low as 35 EUR (~38 USD) to up to 100 EUR (~110 USD) and more. When looking through FB Marketplace listings, please pay attention to photos and descriptions to ensure the quality of the product that you are about to purchase.


  • Near me locations
  • Relatively cheap price


  • No buyer protection


We all know Ebay very well and how powerful of a platform it could be. It is no exception that you can find PSP 2nd hand deals there too. Ebay PSP deals are overall more pricey than FB marketplace but there is a broader variety of stock, including some limited edition PSPs that you will most likely won’t find anywhere else. Ebay is also more regulated, meaning that if you get a completely different product than what was displayed, the seller is completely responsible and you will receive a refund.


A lot of options

  • A lot of options
  • Buyer protection


Can’t check the product in person

  • Can’t check the product in person
  • Higher prices

Yahoo JAPAN Auction (Buyee, Jauce, FromJapan)

Now this is a more of a “underground” type of option where you can buy Sony PSP low price. You can use services like Buyee to browse and purchase auctions that are happening on the Japanese Yahoo website, if you keep your eyes peeled, you can grab a cheap PSP console from Buyee. Even though it sounds easier said than done, the quality of the products isn’t guaranteed (but you have to note that in Japan “junk” rating is exaggerated) and the shipping costs might be high. This option is more popular for reselling PSP consoles since you can find plenty of bulk deals but it is also viable to snag low price second hand PSPs or even browse for some discounted limited edition PSP consoles.


  • Very cheap
  • Available bulk purchases


  • Bidding price method
  • Not guaranteed quality
  • High shipping costs

Eneba Marketplace

Eneba is a fairly new platform that is currently on the rise. Even though Eneba is known as a video game reseller, the website also has a marketplace section. Unfortunately, since the marketplace is still in a very early stage, most of the trades are only available in Europe. To describe Eneba Marketplace for PSP, it is the same as FB marketplace but Eneba acts as a middleman to ensure a smooth transaction, which makes it a perfect option to buy 2nd hand PSP consoles.


  • Secured purchasing
  • Fairly good prices


  • Limited to certain countries only
  • Less stock

Other platforms

A lot of countries have their own popular marketplaces which can overcome FB marketplace and other more global platforms. For example, in the US it could be Craigslist, in the UK CeX is a great option. It is always worth researching cheap PSP near me options and looking through all of the available platforms before deciding on anything more specific.

In conclusion, there are plenty of platforms where you can buy used PSP for a relatively low price. Keep in mind that there are no official places to buy brand-new PSP consoles and therefore do your research before making a purchase.