Fastest Accelerating Cars In GTA 5 Online

The top speed is one of the main metrics for car performance in GTA Online. Although top speed is important, acceleration is also a vital factor when choosing your go-to vehicle in the game. In a quick check, the best acceleration cars are mostly Supers and some Sports classes and the ones that hold the top are electric cars with all-wheel drive.

The fastest accelerating car is Ocelot Virtue (1/4 mile in 8.993 seconds) and a close second is Coil Cyclone II (1/4 mile in 9.305 seconds).

Statistics courtesy of StockBoyGaming

1. Ocelot Virtue

Ocelot Virtue reaches 62mph/100kmh in 1.53 seconds. It blows away any other fast cars in any previous generations, it clears cars like Neon or Raiden with 1.5 seconds to spare. Virtue was released on March 16th of 2023 and is the fastest accelerating car in GTA Online for 2024.

2. Coil Cyclone II

The follow-up supercar is the only vehicle that can compete with Ocelot Virtue. Coil Cyclone II does zero to 62mph/100kmh in 1.7 seconds which Is damn close. Interestingly Cyclone II was released on the same day as Virtue, perhaps Rockstar didn’t want an instant favorite to take the limelight for the fastest accelerating car and left some room to compete for Cyclone II as well. Both of these cars are amazing, they have the same top speed of 119.25mph and have similar lap times whereas Virtue overtakes with only 1 second to spare.

3. Obey Omnis e-GT

Now we are going out of order for this one, but Omnis e-GT is the fastest accelerating four-door car in GTA 5. Now Omnis e-GT does 62 mph/kmh in 2.5 seconds, which is almost a whole second late compared to Virtue but the 4-door option is a big consideration if you are looking for some extra seating space. It is also an electric vehicle with AWD, sadly it has a worse Top Speed of 111.5 mph than the top contenders but for a four-door car, this is damn impressive. Obey Omnis e-GT was released on July 26th, 2022 with Criminal Enterprises DLC.

4. Coil Cyclone

We are back with the top dogs, unfortunately, the third place has another Cyclone name written on it with the first generation of the Cyclone. The acceleration of this vehicle is still nothing to scoff at, Cyclone does 0 to 62 mph/100 kmh in 1.83 seconds which is only an increment of 0.13 seconds behind of Cyclone II. The 1/4 mile for Cyclone is 9.7 seconds. Sadly Cyclone stands in the shadow of its next generation which is better in all aspects but Coil Cyclone held the fastest acceleration car in GTA 5 for almost 6 years since it was released in 2017 on November 14th with the Smuggler’s Run update.

5. Neon

Neon is another car that most of the active GTA Online community should remember, it competed with Cyclone for a long time but with the new cars coming out it just simply fell out of contention. Neon gets 10.5 seconds in a 1/4 mile sprint, not bad but the gap with the top dogs is already very clear. Neon was insane for its time but the throne is on the other side of the court now.

6. Raiden

Another OG that was being compared to Neon way too often. Neon vs Raiden and Raiden vs Cyclone were the main talking points back in the day when it came to the fastest accelerating cars in GTA 5. Raiden managed to reach 10.515 seconds in 1/4 mile which is a tad behind Neon, but with a lot of the similarities between these cars, it still held its head up high to be considered one of the fastest accelerating cars back in the day.

7. Deveste Eight

The Principe Deveste Eight looks straight out of the future, even though Deveste holds 7th in the acceleration department, it has the highest Top Speed of 131.75 mph compared to the other cars from the list. It clears Virtue on the Top Speed having 12 mph more but the acceleration isn’t there to beat the Virtue in a quick drag. High speed is a spotlight for GTA cars but in this case there still needs to be other features in place to make the car competitive. Deveste Eight scored 10.53 in the 1/4 mile test. Even though it falls out of the top of acceleration, it is still a good pick if you are looking for the sweet spot of Top Speed and Fastest Acceleration.

Ocelot Virtue and Coil Cyclone II are two clear favorites when it comes to acceleration but it is always worth paying attention to other cars in the list, even though these two demons are quick to go, perhaps the Top Speed stats can sway your opinion and in that case, some other cars like Deveste Eight can compensate its acceleration with a way better Top Speed. Either way, all cars on this list have insane acceleration that combines with other superb performances, and all of the choices are a great purchase to add to any collection of vehicles.