10 Rarest PSP Special Editions Ever Released

PSP was one of those consoles that was way ahead of its time when it was released. Rivalring the Nintendo DS, the PSP stood its ground with its exclusives and all of the options that were open in the air in terms of what you can do with this monstrosity of a handheld, including a very competitive price for PSP as well. Alongside the main versions of the console that are known to be mostly in Piano Black, Ice Silver, or Pearl White colors, there are around 165 official designs of the notorious PSP console. Let’s dive deeper and see which ones are the rarest around.

10. Sony PSP 2000 God of War Chains of Olympus Console

United States exclusive release of the PSP God of War-themed console that had the production of around 50 thousand released into the wild. Not only is the console red-themed like the game, but it also has the PSP ring on the back of the PSP’s UMD cover painted red, which taps into the GoW aesthetic even deeper.

9. Sony PSP 2000 FFVII Crisis Core Console

One of the three Final Fantasy special consoles that was released by Sony. This time the spotlight is on the Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core game. Compared to many other special edition PSP consoles, this one was released in Japan AND Europe but in the amount of 10k only. Crisis Core came in a bundle with the game itself and the special silver console with a touch of clean Final Fantasy design.

8. Sony PSP 3000 AKB48 Console

This PSP version comes with 43 battery covers! This is a console based on the AKB48 J-POP group and those battery covers are all about each member of this musical group from that time. Another Japan-only feat, only up to 10k consoles released. Although the back covers were only available for The Premier Special Pack, it still shows the dedication from Sony to release a console with that many details included.

7. Sony PSP 3000 Final Fantasy Dissidia Console

It’s another PSP console for the diehard Final Fantasy fans. Once again the luck is on the Japan side since it was the only country where this variation was available for purchase. With only 10 thousand consoles out of the factory, it is the rarest FF PSP console released, with a subtle design on the back plate, this console was sold alongside the referring game Final Fantasy Dissidia on PSP.

6. Sony PSP 1000 Signature Kachofugetsu Console

Japan is the country that comes to mind when I see this console. With the smooth Japanese writing, it gives a feel of samurai for your console where the legend says it also gives you a 10% strength boost in fighting games (not). This sleek console design was also released in Japan only, specifically in the PlayStation Square shop in Tokyo with a production of up to 5 thousand.

5. Sony PSP Monster Hunter Portable 3 Console

One of the more popular PSP console versions out there, if you ever looked up the rare PSP special edition, most likely you saw the Monster Hunter version everywhere. Since this is the only console from the list that also has the physical body modified as well, with the larger grips that can hold a 2200mah battery and unique thumbstick with a concave divot, this makes the PSP Monster Hunter Portable 3 the best option for performance and comfortability. A little statistics check on this bad boy, only up to 10k were ever produced and only available in Japan in December 2010, with such low amounts and availability in only specific countries, it makes this console one of the most wanted PSP consoles that every collector must include in their collection.

4. Sony PSP 3000 Marine Blue Console

Like your consoles in just one singular color without any fancy design? Well, if you want to go the distance, Marine Blue is the rarest PSP color for the console, these bad boys were only released in Japan in 2012 with up to 10k in production quantity. This blue PSP is rarer than the PSP carnival colors that are Spirited Green, Bright Yellow, Radiant Red, and Vibrant Blue mainly because of the lower quantity and the Marine Blue only came with a bundle version. All things considered, Marine Blue is the top G of PSP colors.

3. Sony PSP 1000 Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops Console

Can’t find your PSP? Perhaps it blended with the surroundings of nature. But seriously, this Metal Gear Solid-inspired PSP console version is too clean. The camo of the console makes it look like it is made for Shooter fanatics and somehow the design fits very well with the console itself. Sadly, this PSP version was only released in Japan with an estimated production of 5 to 10k. With some digging and a wide wallet, you can find deals for the Metal Gear Solid PSP console on eBay and Japan proxy auction websites if you want to go for it.

2. Sony PSP 1000 Swarovski NYC Peach Console

What kind of rare PSP would be if it wasn’t covered with diamonds? We all know the famous Gold iPhone models you hear about from time to time when the new model is released. PSP was no exception and was also touched by the shiny stones craze. This PSP was a part of the Passion of Flowers design collection from NYCPeach in the mid-2000s also this limited edition PSP had appearances on the Otto.de website and Colette store in Paris, France throughout the year 2006. There isn’t much information about this model, it is known to be a licensed PSP 2000 that has its back covered with Swarovski crystals and the selling price for this gem was 899 EUR or $1143. Even though it looks like a middle school girl handbook cover, it possesses high value where only up to 50 Svarovski PSP consoles were made in total.

1. Sony PSP 3000 Hōkago Play Console

Have you ever wanted your PSP to look like one of your textbook pages? I’m kidding, the Hōkago PSP console looks very sweet, even though it is simple looking, the design was made by Rendou Kurosaki for his manga Hōkago Play (Afterschool Play). Only 1 console of this design was made and given away via sweepstakes. There are plenty of PSPs that could challenge for the number one spot, but a piece like this, which looks very personal and full of care and love speaks differently.

It’s crazy to see how much love the PSP got from Sony, especially in Japan. The console deserves it fully and the number of collectors is only rising every year the console gets older. Nowadays it is hard to spot many special releases of a console, especially in such low amounts that PSP got and honestly, all of that makes the console more incredible and it displays a beautiful history that holds very strong.